Particle Board

The governing standard for particle board is BS EN 312:2003. It classifies the various panel types according their strength properties and moisture resistance. Furniture, interior fitments and flooring are the major applications of particle board. Smaller size flooring panels are usually tongue-and-grooved. Particle board with melamin overlay is common. The timber trade is running a merchantable assortment of raw, tongue-and-grooved, melamine overlaid and veneered panels.

Particle Board according EN 312:2003

General purpose, non-structural General load bearing applications
Heavy duty load bearing
P 1 General purpose - dry conditions P 4 Load bearing - dry conditions P 6 Heavy Duty Load bearing - dry conditions
P 2 Interior Fitments - dry conditions    
P 3 Interior Fitments - humid conditions P 5 Load bearing - humid conditions P 7 Heavy Duty Load bearing - humid conditions

We market Raw Particleboard either in large sizes or cut-to-size according customer specification.

We market MFC - melamine faced particle board of many different types against enquiry.