ARANYA is a new, especially environmentally friendly product line of both sides veneered panels with system accessories from Finaspan. The baseboard is PEFC certified MDF produced with formaldehyde free glue. The veneers in the wood species Oak( in six colour tones) and Walnut are likewise PEFC certified, and lacquered (water-based with 5 % gloss level) and protected with a PE-foil, which will be removed after final further processing/installation.

System accessories:
 colour matched veneer edges as well as a special style felt pen for to finish the edges and joints in a matching colour.

Veneer grades: Oak with clean quarter cut and very little medullary ray, Walnut only with the nicest crowns.
Uniform width veneer strips mix-matched from different logs create a solid plank pattern. 
Sizes: 2750 x 1220 mm always available for prompt delivery from stock aus in 19 mm A/A und 9 mm A/R

Oak Natural
Oak Desert Oak Smoke
Oak Rock
Oak Sherwood
Oak Coal Walnut Natural System accessories

Additional information: Call us or take a look at the ARANYA Website