Wood with character -wood you see - wood  you feel - forest you can imagine!
Wood-U-Feel consists of an environmentally friendly MDF panel veneered both sides. The veneer surface is brushed, which emphasises grain and texture and grants the surface unique character and authentizity. After brushing the surfaces a matte UV protection lacquer (gloss level 5 %) is applied. Then a surface film is applied for protection, analogue to its companion ARANYA. Upon request Wood-U-Feel is available without lacquer and protection film, in order to leave you the choice of stain and finish..

Wood-U-Feel is offered in total six finishes of four species, selected for their character and pronounced structure: Oak Natural Crown Cut, Smoked Oak, Larch Natural, Smoked Larch, Knotty Pine and Olive Ash.
The veneer matching follows the criterion "solid wood appearance".

Wood-U-Feel is also supplied a programme of complementary structured lacquered edgings.

Panel size: 2750 x 1220 mm     Thickness: 9 mm A/R and 19 mm A/B      Adhesives: Free of formaldehyde

Oak Crown Cut Smoked Oak Larch
Smoked Larch
Bleached Knotty Pine Olive Ash