Masterflex means Hitec made from veneer: In a special process the cohesion between the wood cells of the veneer is disssolved and consequentially  the veneer loses its stiffness and becomes flexible. For save handling and to prevent glue bleeding through the surface, craft paper is glued on the veneer. Due to the loss of stiffness the wood sheets  can adapt to any curved shape you wish.
Thickness: 0,6 mm, Length: 2500 mm, Width: 1220 mm

Wood species: Total 20 species like Sycomore , Birch, Beech, Ash, Pine, White Oak, Black Cherry, Sapele, Teak, Black Walnut, Wenge and others up-to request or specification

Further products in the Hitec Range
Masterflex Pre-Glued

Masterflex with a self adhesive glue on the back side, which is proteced by a foil.

This product is good for renovation of doors and other veneered surfaces, when a veneer press is not available.


2-ply veneer glued together parallel in grain direction. Different species can be combined.

Thickness: 1 mm, sanded and size like Masterflex

3-ply veneer with a cross-band center veneer.

Species combinations possible like in Biflex

Thickness: 1,5 mm and size like Masterflex