Wooden Mouldings

A complete program of profiles in solid wood as well as profiled MDF postformed with true wood veneer or hp laminates (foils).

Typ of moulding Wood species and surfaces

Wall base moulding in solid wood core or MDF core

Beech, Oak, Abachi, Maple, Ash, Birch, Alder, Cherry, Spruce, Pine, Mahagony, Ramin or substitute, unfinished or clear lacquered, some species also white lacquered or painted, Beech and Oak also oiled. MDF either white primed or white or black paint finish without any veneer or laminate overlay..

Veneered or foil laminated mouldings 

Veneered with Maple, Larch, Beech, Birch, Oak , Mahagony, Alders, Ash, Cherry, Bamboo, Hevea (Teak), Iroko, Merbau.

Laminate decors of Maple, Beech, Oak, Ash, Cherry and many other species.

Solid wood mouldings unfinshed or lacquered 

Maple, Beech, Oak, Ash, Iroko, Jatoba, Pine, Cherry, Mahagony, Merbau, Walnut, Robinia (Robinia pseudoacacia)/Curapixa (Micropholis spp.), Teak and many other species.

Sauna bench laths  Aspen and Abachi (see Sauna profiles)
Besides the large variety of approx. 100 standard profiles, special custom profiles can be offered up-on  enquiry, presumed the demand represents an economically sufficient order volume.