För bastuinterörs kan vi leverera från Baltikum i asp eller abachi (syn. ayous, Obeche, Abachi, Samba, Wawa) från Västafrika.
The Baltic aspen we supply is European trembling aspen (Populus tremula), which characteristically is light coloured from pith to the sap, unlike other aspen species without any distinct difference of colour between heartwood and sapwood. Due to the light colour, homogenity and its minimal tendency of splitting Baltic aspen has developed to an alternative species for sauna interiors.
Tjocklekar, format och kvalitet    
Ayous/Obeche weight ca. 360 kg/m³, standard sauna dimensions, free of knots, fixed lengths
Baltic aspen         
weight ca. 400 - 450 kg/m³, sawn lumber or planed standard dimensions of 22 mm x 40 mm, 22 mm x 80 mm and 22 mm x 90 mm, up to 3 m long or fixed length, random lengths from 1.80 m - 3 m or fixed up-on request/agreement, free of knots
Western Red Cedar
Standard dimensions planed/profiled or up-on request/agreement, containerized shipment

 21 mm x 65 mm i längder 180 - 300 cm

Bstupanel  12/15 mm x 65 mm i längder 220 - 300 cm