Frössling Holzprodukte is successfully marketing specialty products of American, Canadian, Scandinavian and European manufacturers. Those manufacturers are used to and equipped to do customized work to the needs of the customer. 
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Trälister Vi erdbjuder ett komplett sortiment av lister i massivträ eller med MDF-kärna med fanér eller folie.
Takspån Frössling Holzprodukte offers Certigrade® approved shingles and shakes from selected producers exclusively in the naturally durables species Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar and Eastern White Cedar.
Masterflex means Hitec made from veneer : In a special process the cohesion between the wood fibres is dissolved. The wood loses all stiffness and  thus   can follow any curved shape you wish. The processed veneer is glued on craft paper for safe handling and to prevent glue bleeding through.
Parkett- och massivgolvämnen  Hard Maple, Oak, Ash, Walnut manufacured in Eastern Canada