We offer plywood from reputable producers in North- and South America as well as East Europe and South East Asia. In addition to standard products some mills can provide special products and cut to size items. In our selection of partners we give preference to sustainable forest management and product certification.
Träslager , Ytor och Uppföljning Format och Tjocklekar
Nordamerika Douglas Fir (DFP), Southern Pine (SYP), mixed barrträslag (CSP)
putsad, utputsad, touch-sanded, filmbelagd, brushed, roughsawn, grooves on face
6 - 30 mm
2440 x 1220 mm, 3050 x 1220 mm
Sydamerika Elliottiis Pine, Pinus Radiata, Eucalyptus
putsad, utputsad, touch sanded, filmbelagd
6 - 30 mm
2440 x 1220 mm, 2500 x 1250 mm
Europa Gran, Furu, Lärk, Okoumé, Björka, Bok, Poppel,
Al och Ceiba
putsad, utputsad, filmbelagd, också blegd med fibreboard
4 - 30 mm
2440 x 1220 mm, 2500 x 1250/1220 mm, 3050 x 1530/1220 mm
Sydostasien Indonesisk/Malaysisk lövträ 4 - 30 mm
2440 x 1220 mm, 3050 x 1220 mm
Considering plywood quality, glue bond performance seems the most important feature, particularly in requirements for exterior applications. Often exterior bond quality is still referred to earlier national classifications such as DIN 68705: BFU 100 or BS 6566: WBP. Today European standards (EN) replace and supersede former national standards. Glue bond requirements for plywood are found in EN 314-2. A quality and standard conformance assurance scheme named C2+ is applied on plywood panels for structural applications of all glue bond designations. However, in the meantime the trade uses C2+ as an abbreviation and comprehensive term for exterior bonded structural plywood.