Böjbar ceibaplywood

Ceiba plywood is suitable for manufacturing curved surfaces in furniture and interior decoration. We offer the panel in   5 mm, 7 mm and 9 mm thickness with face veneers oriented either along or across the grain. Ceiba is a most common light weight, bright coloured species to occur in the tropical and sub-tropical forests of America, Africa and Asia. Other trade names: Fromager, Fuma
Tjocklekar 5 mm, 7 mm og 9 mm
Format 2500 x 1220/1220 x 2500 mm and 2440 x 1220/1220 x 2440 mm (tvär eller längsfanerad)
Limning MR E 1 (interiör, moisture resistant, emission class E 1) 
Böja Bending is easier accross the grain direction of the face veneer, i.e. in the direction of lesser panel strength.